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Sony Xperia XZ2 media review full upgrade but lack of surprises

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The latest release of Xperia XZ2 and the XZ2 compact shows Sony’s changes, albeit at a slower pace. Sony’s new flagship this year is different in many ways, and some of the changes have even sparked controversy.

Sony Xperia XZ2 media review full upgrade but lack of surprises

Sony Xperia XZ2 media review full upgrade but lack of surprises

Whether the design of Xperia XZ2 is attractive depends ultimately on the difference in personal taste. It is also hard to judge whether the new design is better than the previous design of Sony. But with this review, we can give you a deep understanding of the new ambient flow design, the changes, omissions, and new features of the product itself.
The most unique function of Xperia XZ2 is probably the new “ambient flow” design of Sony. The curve behind this phone is not as big as the XZ2 compact, but it’s already quite novel in Sony’s product line. In addition, the transition from glass to metal frame is also very eye-catching.
Xperia XZ’s rear cover is made of a whole block of Gorilla Glass 5 glass, the purpose of which is to make the fuselage more ergonomic, while creating more space inside the fuselage. At first glance, this design makes people feel quite new.
While the phone’s grip is really comfortable, the back cover material determines that it will be slippery and easily contaminated with fingerprints and stains. Because of the thicker fuselage, the use of a protective sleeve will make the fuselage more cumbersome.
The reflective surface of the Xperia XZ2 rear cover looks very much like the HTC U11, except for a little layering effect. Overall, the back of the phone looks stunning, assuming you can keep it clean.
Sony this time also moved the fingerprint sensor to the back cover, this is the first time in its products. But the fingerprint sensor’s position is a bit too low, and the position of the index finger usually falls on the camera during daily use. But fortunately the sensor’s recognition speed has not changed, but also can directly wake up the phone.
Sony has made a fairly real upgrade to the Xperia XZ2 display. 18:9 has quickly become an industry standard, and it is unwise to continue ignoring it this year. As for other trends, such as Liu Hai and surfaces, there is a certain controversy, and Sony has no choice to involved.
The biggest upgrade for this 5.7-inch display is probably the support of HDR. It supports 10-bit color and has bt.2020 standard certification. It is a bit difficult, and too technical, to delve into the difference between it and other industry standards, such as HDR10. From a practical standpoint, the most important thing is whether content providers, such as Netflix, can provide HDR content for XZ2. For now, the main way to enjoy HDR is to play the 4K HDR video that the phone has taken itself.
Xperia XZ2 screen brightness is quite sufficient, the maximum brightness can reach 618. Sony’s color adjustment is also good, the standard color mode of the average Deltae 4.4, the highest 8.5. In any case, the black and gray color of the screen will be blue.
Xperia XZ2 ‘s battery capacity has expanded on a XZ1 basis, but we still think Sony should add a bigger battery.
The recently released Xperia XA2 is equipped with a 3300mAh battery, and the fuselage has a larger Xperia XZ2 than a 3180mAh battery. Compared with other flagship brands, XZ2 ‘s batteries are no bigger.
During the endurance test, Xperia XZ2 was able to perform 11 hours of web browsing and local video playback with full power, which was a good result given the 5.7-inch LCD display. In standby mode, this phone can adhere to 88 hours, in line with the Sony mobile phone in this respect has always been excellent performance. If your daily use of mobile phone frequency is not high, then this phone should be able to adhere to the normal use of two days or so.
Xperia XZ2 supports quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology, but Sony does not offer a quick charger. If you use a quick charger, the phone will charge 45% of the time in half an hour. In addition, it also supports 9W wireless charging, although the speed is not comparable with the wired charge, but for wireless charging is already the highest standards.
Xperia XZ2 adopted the latest Xiao Dragon 845 processor, and its performance has not been disappointing. The processor is built on a 10nm LPP fabrication process and uses a new Kyro 385 series processing core.
Xiao 845 is a eight-core processor, including 4 2.7GHz high-performance kyro 385 Gold processors, which are derived from arm cortex-a75 reference design, and 4 kryo 385 Silver Energy-efficient core frequencies 1.7GHz, based on arm Cortex-a55 chip.
In addition, the processor uses a new Adreno 630 graphics processor, which has a performance of 30% higher than the Adreno 540 used by Xiao Dragon 835.
The Xperia XZ camera did not get any upgrades, using the same IMX400 Exmorrs sensors as the XZ Premium and XZ1 (1/2.3 inches, 1.22 micron pixels, f/2.0 lenses).
Although the hardware has not been upgraded, Sony did optimize the software processing and bring in new BIONZ algorithms. But if you expect Sony to launch a dual-camera phone, you’ll be a little disappointed. In addition, the phone does not support optical stabilization.
Although there are many upgrades, it is undeniable that the Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 compact two mobile phones are just two no surprise flagship upgrade. Although Sony has made a major redesign, the ambient flow design language will be used, mainly depends on the success of the two handsets, and now want to predict this is a little too difficult.
But it is certain that, as one of the flagship handsets of the year, Xperia XZ2 is not clearly disappointing. Its screen effect is vivid, the processing performance is formidable, the photograph performance has also been promoted. If you want to pick a flagship phone now, Xperia XZ2 is a worthwhile option.

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