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Sony mobile phone Xperia XZ2 price has come out, Xiao Dragon 845+6GB is worth the start?

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First 6GB+64GB version of the Sony Xperia XZ2 Hong Kong version of the price of HK $6198, I personally think that under the budget is worthwhile, the specific reasons are as follows:

Sony mobile phone Xperia XZ2 price has come out, Xiao Dragon 845+6GB is worth the start?

Sony mobile phone Xperia XZ2 price has come out, Xiao Dragon 845+6GB is worth the start?

Appearance design
Sony Xperia XZ2 adopted a new design, such as the use of fluid 3D surface design, aluminum metal box, the back and the middle of the transition round, effectively enhance grip, grip more comfortable. The fingerprint identification does not adopt the front side recognition, and uses the post fingerprint. Positive use of 18:9 of the overall screen design, resolution for 2160×1080, compared to the previous Sony mobile phone, screen accounted for significantly improved, Yan value personally feel a great improvement.
It is also worth mentioning that the front and back of the fifth generation of Corning Gorilla Glass, scratch-resistant good.
Camera aspect
Sony Xperia XZ2 uses a 19 million rear-mounted camera to support 1080P 960fps slow motion recordings and 4K HDR video recordings, although it does not use a back-and-double camera, but the results are still in the forefront.
Performance parameters
Sony Xperia XZ2 adopted Qualcomm’s newest processor, Xiao 845, which is a great performance boost compared to the Xiao Dragon 835. In addition, with 6G of running memory, reached the mainstream level, can almost play all games, perfect running a variety of daily software.
To explore the mobile phone, the recent whim, small set to start a Iphonex, unfortunately, the price is too expensive, from a friend that can be the original assembly of mobile phones, with an attempt to go to the mentality of a deep empty ash, a beginning to feel very difficult to use, due to the use of Andro, suddenly turned to iOS, a bit adapt not to come over.
But the full screen of the Iphonex really good, face ID recognition is very strong, although not with the fingerprint unlock speed, but the screen is really super. As a result of the use of double-sided glass, fingerprint contamination is quite terrible, we suggest that we should start or choose deep air ash is better, but also can foil before and after, otherwise used for a bit like a painted cat
Feature features
Sony Xperia adopts a dynamic vibration system, which realizes different vibration touch feedback in video games and music. Especially in the game aspect, plays the game the feeling is like takes the PS4 handle to play, is very good. The use of the front stereo surround sound technology, so that the music play more stereo, more beautiful.
In addition, it uses the QI standard wireless charging, so that the charging mode has more choices, different. also supports the IP68 level waterproof dustproof, the waterproof dustproof ability outstanding, this is one big merit.

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