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How did Sony mobile get farther away?

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As one of the giants that used to be a consumer electronics industry, Sony has had a rough time in previous years. Betting Wega Technology, Walkman do not support the MP3 format, such as a series of decision-making errors, so that Sony has been frustrated, and even in recent years, the loss, it is no wonder that the online jokes always say, Sony is not bankrupt?

How did Sony mobile get farther away?

How did Sony mobile get farther away?

Sales have been on the rise, Sony began to fall in 14, while the decline in the years of frenzied smartphone growth, the market is growing, and sales have been declining, it is clear that Sony Mobile has left behind.
But in fact, the stubbornness of Japanese corporate culture is the inevitable result of Sony lagging behind.
Let’s go back to the machine era when Sony and Ericsson merged with Sony Ericsson, the general ranking is Nokia, MOTO, Sony Ericsson, Samsung.
Share is not small, but indeed in the first echelon, the important thing is that the era of Sony Ericsson has its own channels, with the major distributors have better cooperation, at least people will open the store for you.
Moto and Nokia also use the functional Machine era single selling point to do marketing ideas are not sold, Sony is not even a single selling point of the function can not come out, in that software and hardware are driving speed of the era, Sony transformation is too slow, can only take out industrial design, which in itself means that Sony has fallen behind.
After Sony Ericsson was incorporated it is generally expected that one Sony strategy can be successful, everyone thought that Sony can be used in all sectors of the black technology, but not only the lack of integration of the various departments, more lack of software and the Internet research and development, not a unified operating system to open up the various departments of products, Even if the various departments come up with black technology, it is only reluctantly grafting in Android, which is inherently a poor early experience.
More tragic things technology on Sony no one, the channel is one, the cable moved after the formation, managers and operators are mostly from other departments, do not understand the mobile phone market, price diving, channel atrophy, marketing negative, directly to the channel away.
Repeatedly slapped by the Times on the beach, Sony, still stubbornly adhere to their own ideas, always a face I suppressed a hardware big recruit next year on the world’s ideas. Like a little turtle out of a big army, crawling slowly on the beach.
Even so far, some people have been able to dig out the deep and prosperous Tian Fu credo of the era of self comfort: We never look at Sony market research This kind of thing, we directly create consumer demand. So that to the great uncle time to “create faith.” It can be said that Sony is a multi-year strategic layout to find the wrong direction, and can not turn back the enterprise. His future, probably from the product of the reduced to do technology.
Sony, like other Japanese manufacturers, has a rigid mind, does not know how to please consumers, and is slow to respond to some of the technology trends in the industry chain.
However, the price-performance is not high, channels, after-sale, marketing and even the system is not what kind of brand, I still like,
It’s just a belief in the mind: Sony DAFA = Industrial Design + Black Technology + imagination
I hope the Sony mobile phone will return to its glory day.

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